Reasons to Buy at Braman Motorcars

Reason 1
30 Years of Automotive Excellence

Special people buying or leasing special cars deserve special treatment.

For more than thirty years, Braman Motorcars has elevated our standards of service to the point where clients tell us Braman feels more like a club  than an auto dealership.

Experience our 30-years of automotive leadership today!

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Reason 2
Club Braman

You're not just buying a car. At Braman, it's a lifestyle.

Every BMW comes standard with Club Braman. A unique dealership experience that only Braman provides. Be our guest at elegant events, family experiences, Polo matches and even on a real racetrack driving your own Ultimate Driving Machine.

Reason 3
PermaPlate Protection

There's nothing more beautiful than a high luster paint finish.

Every Braman BMW is protected from the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays, industrial fallout, surface rust and so much more through the application of a high quality polymer called PermaPlate.

Reason 4
LoJack Theft Recovery

Today's luxury automobiles are equipped with the finest anti-theft systems ever produced. Yet every day, there are those elements of society that seek to crack the code and steal your car.

All Braman cars are equipped with a complimentary LoJack device so you have a 90% chance of recovering your stolen vehicle, usually within 24 hours, and often with a few hours if you chose to activate the device.

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Reason 5
Nitrogen filled tires

Our vehicles come with the best tires found anywhere. So we treat them right. Regular air is removed from each tire and refilled with NitroFill. This gives you increases the life of your tires - saving you money.

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